My favorite thing about being with you, is feeling myself. Thank you for giving me that Ray.

This is a silly photo, but it perfectly depicts his character. When people say they are always goofy or up for anything, they are usually pretty boring and don’t really know what that truly means. I have never met someone with so much love for life, so excited for the future and the things going on. I love that he has unconventional goals, they suit him so well. I love that he has let me into his quiet secret world where not a lot of people have been. I love that he talks about his late father to me, as well as his medication and sickness. I love that he hasn’t let the things if the past slow him down and that he still loves life just the same. I love being close to this man. I hope to be as happy he is at his age. I know I can’t fix his problems, but I would like to be alongside him to help him along the way when he meets a rough patch. Life is good with him. I hope he realizes how special he really is.

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My guy is cooler than yours.

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James Kennedy & Florence Hill, Kennedy City Bicycles, 2014
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» Weddy Wood

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